Main talks

Yuri Brudnyi, Interpolation of compact operators

Michael Cwikel, Remarks about Peetre−Gustavsson “plus-minus” interpolation spaces (Tentative)

Loukas Grafakos, The Hörmander multiplier theorem: the sharp linear and optimal bilinear cases

Natan Kruglyak, Joint papers with Professor Mieczysław Mastyło

Invited talks

María D. Acosta, Some stability results of the Bishop−Phelps−Bollobás property for operators

Irina Asekritova, On interpolation of closed subspaces

María Carro, Solving problems in ergodic theory via restricted weak type extrapolation

Fernando Cobos, Besov spaces with smoothness close to zero

Henryk Hudzik, Rotundity and monotonicity coefficients of some Köthe and Köthe−Bochner spaces

Anna Kamińska, Geometric properties of noncommutative symmetric spaces of measurable operators and unitary matrix ideals

Vakhtang Kokilashvili, BVPs for analytic and generalized analytic functions

Grzegorz Lewicki, Minimal projections with respect to various norms

Lech Maligranda, \(L_p +L_{\infty}\) and \(L_p \cap L_{\infty}\) are not isomorphic for all \(1 \leq p \lt \infty\), \(p \neq 2\)

Alexander Meskhi, Integral operators of harmonic analysis in grand variable exponent Lebesgue spaces

Carlos Pérez, Borderline weighted estimates for the maximal function and rough singular integral operators

Pilar Rueda, Duality on spaces of summing polynomials

Yoshihirio Sawano, Complex interpolation of Morrey spaces

Gord Sinnamon, Interpolation of Banach spaces related to decreasing functions

Contributory talks

Javid Ali, Convergence theorems for nonlinear mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces

Mojtaba Bakherad, Numerical radius inequalities via elementary operators

Sudeshna Basu, Hahn−Banach type extension in Banach and Hilbert modules

Deepika Baweja, The Bounded Approximation Property for the weighted spaces of holomorphic mappings on Banach spaces

Abdullah Bin Abu Baker, Reflexivity-like problems in Banach spaces

Santiago Boza Rocho, Weak-type boundedness of the Fourier transform on r.i. function spaces

Alexander Brudnyi, On properties of geometric preduals of \(C^{k,\omega}\) spaces

Jesus M. F. Castillo, Stability and symmetry properties of twisted sums generated by interpolation

Grażyna Ciecierska, Fredholm type formulas for quasi-nuclear perturbations of Fredholm operators in Banach spaces

Maciej Ciesielski, On local \(K\)-monotonicity in symmetric spaces with applications

Afshin Erami, Banach spaces generated by Cesàro numbers

Ezgi Erdoğan, Convolution-continuous bilinear operators acting in Hilbert spaces of integrable functions

Paweł Foralewski, On some constants in some Banach lattices

Xiao-Xiong Gan, Some complete metric topological space of formal power series and formal Laurent series

Joanna Garbulińska-Węgrzyn, A universal operator on the Gurarii space

Luis García-Lirola, Asymptotic uniform smoothness in spaces of compact operators

Omer Gok, A note on adjoints of biorthomorphisms

Rainis Haller, On convex combinations of slices of the unit ball in Banach spaces

Dorothee Haroske, Morrey spaces on domains

Michał Jasiczak, Toeplitz operators on the space of real analytic functions

Radosław Kaczmarek, Monotonicity and orthogonal monotonicity properties in Orlicz spaces equipped with the Mazur−Orlicz F-norm

Thanatkrit Kaewtem, Entropy numbers of diagonal operators on Orlicz sequence spaces

Oleksiy Karlovych, When does the norm of a Fourier multiplier dominate its \(L^\infty\)-norm?

Piotr Kasprzak, On continuity and compactness of some nonlinear operators in BV-spaces

Mikio Kato, On uniform non-squareness of direct sums of Banach spaces

Cansu Keskin, A note for the boundedness of high order Riesz−Bessel transforms via atomic characterization on weighted \(H_{\triangle_\nu, \omega}^{p}\) spaces

Ayşegül Keten, The \(p\)-compact approximation property in Banach spaces

Eder Kikianty, Angular equivalence of normed spaces

Paweł Kolwicz, Local structure of symmetrizations \(E^{\left( \ast \right) }\)

Karsten Kruse, Tensor products of vector-valued weighted functions

Albert Kubzdela, Non-archimedean Banach spaces of universal disposition

Michael Langenbruch, Surjective Hadamard type operators on spaces of smooth functions

Richard Lechner, Factorization of operators in several classical Banach spaces

Han Ju Lee, The Bishop−Phelps−Bollobás property for operators and the geometry of Banach spaces

Krzysztof Leśniewski, On weakly sequentially complete Banach spaces and directional derivative for cone-convex functions.

Karol Leśnik, Toeplitz and Hankel operators between distinct Hardy spaces

Nisar Lone, On the weak Riemann-integrability of weak*-continuous functions

Neha Malik, On a new general class of bivariate Kantorovich operators

Katsuo Matsuoka, \(B_{\sigma}\)-weighted function spaces and Riesz potentials

Fernando Mayoral, De la Vallée-Poussin theorem and Orlicz spaces associated to a vector measure

Artur Michalak, On uncomplemented isometric copies of $c_0$ in spaces of continuous functions on products of the two-arrows space

Antonio Pérez Hernández, On the Fourier spectrum of functions on the Boolean cube

Matias Raja, Super weak compactness and its applications

Yves Raynaud, Calderón−Lozanovskii interpolation on abstract quasi-Banach lattices

Mangatiana Robdera, On the Riesz representation theorem and integral operators

Hadi Roopaei, The norm of operators on Cesàro Banach space \(C_p\)

Michał Rzeczkowski, Nevanlinna counting function and Carleson function of analytic self-maps on finitely connected domains

Maciej Rzeszut, Independent sums of \(H^1_n(\mathbb{T})\) and \(H^1_n(\delta)\)

Yeşim Sağlam Özkan, On the general solution of the pseudoparabolic equation in matrix form

Sunke Schlüters, Non-symmetric polarization

Ingo Schoolmann, Hardy spaces of general Dirichlet series

Eduardo Silva, Generalized measures of noncompactness

Rajesh Kumar Singh, A sharp form of the Marcinkiewicz Interpolation Theorem for Orlicz spaces

Leszek Skrzypczak, Strauss inequality and other properties of (multi)-radial functions

Jiří Spurný, Descriptive properties of vector-valued affine functions

Fedor Sukochev, Cwikel estimates revisited

Radosław Szwedek, Interpolation of Hardy spaces on circular domains

Yukino Tomizawa, Geometric constants of rotation invariant norms

Tugce Unver Yildiz, Embeddings between weighted Copson and Cesàro function spaces

Alexandr Usachev, Traces on principal ideals \(\mathcal L_g\)

Dirk Werner, Lipschitz versions of the Daugavet property

Witold Wnuk, Properties of vector sublattices generated by various sets

Henri Ylinen, Type and cotype of generalized Besov spaces on the Wiener space

Yu Zhou, Linearization and representation subsets of isometries on Banach spaces


Dahmane Achour, Approximation properties determined by Lipschitz operator ideals

Barış Akay, On the collection of b-AM compact operators

Ahlem Alouani, Factorable Cohen \(p\)-nuclear m-homogeneous polynomials

Ozlem Baksi, On the basis properties of generalized trigonometric functions of Lindqvist−Peetre type in the Lebesque space \(L^{r}(0,1)^{n}\)

Chung-Chuan Chen, Recurrence for weighted translations on groups

Elhadj Dahia, Quotient theorem for mixed multilinear operators

Alicja Dota, Entropy and approximation numbers of embeddings of spaces of block-radial functions

Mezrag Lahcene, On certain summabilities concerning Lipschitz operators

Włodzimierz Laskowski, The derivation of the energy functional of nonlinear plate theory in the setting of Orlicz–Sobolev spaces

Antonio Manzano, Interpolation with a parameter function of \(L^p\)-spaces with respect to a vector measure on a \(\delta\)-ring

Rihhard Nadel, Stability of octahedrality and strong diameter 2 properties of Banach spaces with respect to absolute sums

Katriin Pirk, Convex diametral local diameter 2 property

Enrique A. Sanchez Perez, Pisier type factorization for multilinear operators and applications

Bartosz Staniów, Multipliers between spaces of holomorphic functions generated by symmetric sequence spaces

Tomasz Stroiński, Classes of convex polyhedra closed under Minkowski addition

Abdelhamid Tallab, On multilinear multiple summing operators and p-summing operators

Damla Yaman, On the order continuity in lattice ordered algebras