Below we describe how to reach Univeristy Campus and the conference venue from Rondo Kaponiera, the main transportation hub in Poznań.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is part of the university campus in the northern part of Poznań.

The easiest way it is take any tram with numbers 12, 14, 15 from Rondo Kaponiera tram stop in the direction of Os. Sobieskiego. Get off at the final stop Os. Sobieskiego. The ride will take about 15 minutes and it requires 40 minutes ticket (consult below for the ticket fares). Then by a short walk, about 800 meters, you will get to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. On the building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science there is a big conference baner.

Faculty building
Conference baner on the building of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznań public transportation and tickets

To move around Poznań one can use public transportation (trams and buses colored in green). In Poznań there are two basic forms of tickets − standard (paper) tickets and tickets on
PEKA Card (cheaper).

You can buy the following types of (paper) time tickets:

  • 10-minute which costs 3 PLN,
  • 40-minute which costs 4.6 PLN,
  • 24-hour (1 day) ticket which costs 13.6 PLN,
  • 48-hour (2-days) ticket which costs 21 PLN,
  • 72-hour (3-days) ticket which costs 27 PLN
  • 7-days ticket which costs 47 PLN.

The PEKA (Poznań Electronic Agglomeration Card) Card is a (like credit-) card with which users can benefit from numerous functions:

  • the possibility to purchase or top up a season ticket for a given route or for the whole network,
  • the possibility to credit the tPurse account used to pay single fares.

The bearer PEKA card (recommended for tourists) may be purchased for 27 PLN, of which 12 PLN is a deposit and 15 PLN is the amount credited to the tPurse to be spent on public transport organised by ZTM Poznań. The credited amount can be used without any time limit. If the passenger uses all the money on his/her tPurse, he/she may top it up at any point of sales or ZTM Poznan Customer Service Point, or via the Internet.

Of course, the passenger can always purchase a bearer season ticket on that card. The bearer PEKA Cards are distributed at all ZTM Customer Service Points and City Information Center Points.

More information about tickets is available from ZTM webpage.