What to do after registration?

We ask participants to login to their conference account and complete their personal information.

How to obtain a formal invitation?

Should you need an invitation to obtain the Polish visa or for any other purposes, please send a request indicating whether you need a signed scanned copy of invitation or also a printed version send by a post (if this is the case, do not forget to send us an address). If you provide a title of your exposition at your personal conference account, an invitation will include a title.

Why my name is not on the participants list?

The participants list contains names of main and invited speakers and others who confirmed their participation (that is the conference fee has been recorded).

Participation in the conference

When does the conference start and end?

The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday morning, July 4th. The closing ceremony is planned on Wednesday, July 7th just before lunch time (around 1 pm.).

What will happen on Monday, July 3rd?

On Monday, July 3rd, lectures for students will be given (we called this a Banach spaces day). Of course, all conference participants are encouraged to take part in this event.

What type of presentation are foreseen? Can anybody present a talk?

The organizers invite every participant to present a talk (in contributed talk section) or a poster. We hope that anybody will have an opportunity to present results, nevertheless we reserved a right to reject a proposal.

How to submit an abstract?

The conference participants can submit an abstract when logged in to his/her conference account. On the ‘edit registartion details‘ page he/she should choose type of presentation in the section Active participation in the conference and type title and abstract of talk/poster. Note that in the abstract textarea there should be only the content of the document, that is stuff that in standard LaTeX document is included between \begin{document} and \end{document}. Try to avoid special command (i.e., from outside the amsmath package). The deadline to submit an abstract is 2017-05-15.

What devices will be available for speakers?

In every lecture room there will be an overhead projector with the computer and blackboards. The expected form of conference lecture is either pdf presentation or the traditional speach with chalk and blackboard.

Conference fee

How to obtain an invoice?

Should you need an invoice, please make the payment of the priopriate type of conference fee (regular or reduced) and provide the adequate data in your registration details page (name of the institution, address and ID TAX number). Our intention is to prepare invoices just after the payment is done, so provide the data as soon as possible. When the payment is recorded, the invoice will be available here.

Are there any grants available?

The organizers provide a limited number of grants for PhD students. All details can be found here.