Banach spaces day

 roomFriday, June 30th, 2017
10:00−11:30A1-33Michael Cwikel An introduction to interpolation of operators and interpolation spaces
11:30−12:00canteencoffee break
12:00−13:15A1-33Michael Cwikel An introduction to interpolation of operators and interpolation spaces
 roomMonday, July 3rd, 2017
09:00−09:30main hallregistration
09:30−11:00ANatan Kruglyak Real interpolation and applied mathematics
11:00−11:30main hallcoffee break
11:30−12:15ANatan Kruglyak Real interpolation and applied mathematics
12:30−14:00ALoukas Grafakos Fourier Analysis: an introduction, applications, and multilinear aspects
15:30−17:00ALoukas Grafakos Fourier Analysis: an introduction, applications, and multilinear aspects

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

 roomMorning session
08:30−09:00main hallregistration
09:00−09:30Aopening ceremony
09:30−10:30ALoukas Grafakos, The Hörmander multiplier theorem: the sharp linear and optimal bilinear cases
10:30−11:05AAlexander Meskhi Integral operators of harmonic analysis in grand variable exponent Lebesgue spaces
11:05−11:35main hallcoffee break
11:35−12:10AGord Sinnamon, Interpolation of Banach spaces related to decreasing functions
12:10−12:45AYoshihirio Sawano, Complex interpolation of Morrey spaces
12:45−13:20AVakhtang Kokilashvili, BVPs for analytic and generalized analytic functions
13:20−15:00canteenlunch break
 roomAfternoon session
15:00−15:30ADirk Werner, Lipschitz versions of the Daugavet property
BIngo Schoolmann, Hardy spaces of general Dirichlet series
15:30−16:00AYves Raynaud, Calderón−Lozanovskii interpolation on abstract quasi-Banach lattices
BSunke Schlüters, Non-symmetric polarization
16:00−16:30AKarol Leśnik, Toeplitz and Hankel operators between distinct Hardy spaces
BAlexandr Usachev, Traces on principal ideals \(\mathcal L_g\)
16:30−17:00main hallcoffee break
 roomEvening session
17:00−17:20APaweł Kolwicz, Local structure of symmetrizations \(E^{\left( \ast \right) }\)
BEduardo Silva, Generalized measures of noncompactness
CXiao-Xiong Gan, Some complete metric topological space of formal power series and formal Laurent series
DKatsuo Matsuoka, \(B_{\sigma}\)-weighted function spaces and Riesz potentials
17:20−17:40ARadosław Kaczmarek, Monotonicity and orthogonal monotonicity properties in Orlicz spaces equipped with the Mazur−Orlicz F-norm
BGrażyna Ciecierska, Fredholm type formulas for quasi-nuclear perturbations of Fredholm operators in Banach spaces
CPiotr Kasprzak, On continuity and compactness of some nonlinear operators in BV-spaces
DMangatiana Robdera, On the Riesz representation theorem and integral operators
17:40−18:00AJavid Ali, Convergence theorems for nonlinear mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces
BMojtaba Bakherad, Numerical radius inequalities via elementary operators
CAlbert Kubzdela, Non-archimedean Banach spaces of universal disposition
18:00−18:20APaweł Foralewski, On some constants in some Banach lattices
BLuis García-Lirola, Asymptotic uniform smoothness in spaces of compact operators
COmer Gok, A note on adjoints of biorthomorphisms
DNisar Lone, On the weak Riemann-integrability of weak*-continuous functions

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

 RoomMorning session
09:30−10:30AMichael Cwikel, Some glimpses into the world of Mieczysław Mastłyo's mathematical research
10:30−11:05AMaría Carro, Solving problems in ergodic theory via restricted weak type extrapolation
11:05−11:35main hallcoffee break
11:35−12:10AHenryk Hudzik, Rotundity and monotonicity coefficients of some Köthe and Köthe−Bochner spaces
12:10−12:45ACarlos Pérez, Borderline weighted estimates for the maximal function and rough singular integral operators
12:45−13:20APilar Rueda, Duality on spaces of summing polynomials
13:20−15:00canteenlunch break
 RoomAfternoon session
15:00−15:30AAntonio Pérez Hernández, On the Fourier spectrum of functions on the Boolean cube
BDorothee Haroske, Morrey spaces on domains
15:30−16:00AMaciej Rzeszut, Independent sums of \(H^1_n(\mathbb{T})\) and \(H^1_n(\delta)\)
BJiří Spurný, Descriptive properties of vector-valued affine functions
16:00−16:30AMikio Kato, On uniform non-squareness of direct sums of Banach spaces
BLeszek Skrzypczak, Strauss inequality and other properties of (multi)-radial functions
16:30−17:00main hallcoffee break
 roomEvening session
17:00−17:20AMichał Jasiczak, Toeplitz operators on the space of real analytic functions
BKarsten Kruse, Tensor products of vector-valued weighted functions
CJoanna Garbulińska-Węgrzyn, A universal operator on the Gurarii space
DAyşegül Keten, The \(p\)-compact approximation property in Banach spaces
17:20−17:40AMichał Rzeczkowski, Nevanlinna counting function and Carleson function of analytic self-maps on finitely connected domains
BFernando Mayoral, De la Vallée-Poussin theorem and Orlicz spaces associated to a vector measure
CArtur Michalak, On uncomplemented isometric copies of $c_0$ in spaces of continuous functions on products of the two-arrows space
DSantiago Boza Rocho, Weak-type boundedness of the Fourier transform on r.i. function spaces
17:40−18:00ADeepika Baweja, The Bounded Approximation Property for the weighted spaces of holomorphic mappings on Banach spaces
BKrzysztof Leśniewski, On weakly sequentially complete Banach spaces and directional derivative for cone-convex functions.
DYu Zhou, Linearization and representation subsets of isometries on Banach spaces
18:00−18:20ADamian Kubiak, Level functions and duals of some Banach spaces
BNasrin Eghbali, Mittag−Leffler−Hyers−Ulam stability of the differential equation with first order
17:00−18:00main hallposter session
 PlaceSocial event
20:30−23:00Brovariaconference banquet

Thursday, July 6, 2017

 RoomMorning session
09:30−10:30ANatan Kruglyak, Joint papers with Professor Mieczysław Mastyło
10:30−11:05AFernando Cobos, Besov spaces with smoothness close to zero
11:05−11:35main hallcoffee break
11:35−12:10AIrina Asekritova, On interpolation of closed subspaces
12:10−12:45AAlexander Brudnyi, On properties of geometric preduals of \(C^{k,\omega}\) spaces
12:45−13:20AFedor Sukochev, Cwikel estimates revisited
13:20−15:00canteenlunch break
 roomAfternoon session
15:00−15:30AMichael Langenbruch, Surjective Hadamard type operators on spaces of smooth functions
BHan Ju Lee, The Bishop−Phelps−Bollobás property for operators and the geometry of Banach spaces
15:30−16:00ARichard Lechner, Factorization of operators in several classical Banach spaces
BJesus M. F. Castillo, Stability and symmetry properties of twisted sums generated by interpolation
16:00−16:30AOleksiy Karlovych, When does the norm of a Fourier multiplier dominate its \(L^\infty\)-norm?
BRadosław Szwedek, Interpolation of Hardy spaces on circular domains
16:30−17:00main hallcoffee break
 roomEvening session
17:00−17:20ASudeshna Basu, Hahn−Banach type extension in Banach and Hilbert modules
BRainis Haller, On convex combinations of slices of the unit ball in Banach spaces
CMaciej Ciesielski, On local \(K\)-monotonicity in symmetric spaces with applications
DHenri Ylinen, Type and cotype of generalized Besov spaces on the Wiener space
17:20−17:40AEzgi Erdoğan, Convolution-continuous bilinear operators acting in Hilbert spaces of integrable functions
BAbdullah Bin Abu Baker, Reflexivity-like problems in Banach spaces
CYukino Tomizawa, Geometric constants of rotation invariant norms
DThanatkrit Kaewtem, Entropy numbers of diagonal operators on Orlicz sequence spaces
17:40−18:00ANeha Malik, On a new general class of bivariate Kantorovich operators
BMatias Raja, Super weak compactness and its applications
CEder Kikianty, Angular equivalence of normed spaces
DTugce Unver Yildiz, Embeddings between weighted Copson and Cesàro function spaces
18:00−18:20AHadi Roopaei, The norm of operators on Cesàro Banach space \(C_p\)
BWitold Wnuk, Properties of vector sublattices generated by various sets
CRajesh Kumar Singh, A sharp form of the Marcinkiewicz Interpolation Theorem for Orlicz spaces
DCansu Keskin, A note for the boundedness of high order Riesz−Bessel transforms via atomic characterization on weighted \(H_{\triangle_\nu, \omega}^{p}\) spaces

Friday, July 7, 2017

 RoomMorning session
09:30−10:30AYuri Brudnyi, Interpolation of compact operators
10:30−11:05AMaría D. Acosta, Some stability results of the Bishop−Phelps−Bollobás property for operators
11:05−11:35main hallcoffee break
11:35−12:10AGrzegorz Lewicki, Minimal projections with respect to various norms
12:10−12:45ALech Maligranda, \(L_p +L_{\infty}\) and \(L_p \cap L_{\infty}\) are not isomorphic for all \(1 \leq p \lt \infty\), \(p \neq 2\)
12:45−13:20AAnna Kamińska, Geometric properties of noncommutative symmetric spaces of measurable operators and unitary matrix ideals
13:20−13:30Aclosing ceremony